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Dollar General Family Tree

All this talk of dollar stores battling to take each other over and change their genealogical compositions reminds me of other former competitors now joined at the hip.

To wit:

Costco + PriceClub

Exxon + Mobil

Jos. A. Bank + Men’s Wearhouse

Macy’s + Filene’s

Office Depot + OfficeMax

Sears + Kmart

TJMaxx + Marshalls

And on and on …

The commercial world shrinks like Alice down the rabbit hole.

Auto Peeves

Cars that crawl in left lanes on highways.

Cars that race by either side of one’s vehicle to jockey for position on clogged roadways.

Cars with motors running and radios blasting while others try to relax in state parks.

Cars with state handicapped tags that whiz by going far faster than posted speed limits.

These are few of my favorite peeves … autowise.


Remembrance Of Things Present

I went to the Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market in New Milford today.  This outdoor flea market claims to be the largest in New England.  Much to my disappointment many of the exhibitors of wares began packing at noon even though the event publicized that it was open until 2 p.m.  Several times while walking up and down the rows of marketers I found that items I would have liked to have purchased had been packed away.  Why these merchants of things past paid to be there mystified me since they were eager to leave so early.  My advice: come way before noon or forego coming at all.

The Importance of Doing Business

Printed business cards may be considered old fashioned by some, but, while attending the Wolcott Country Fair yesterday, I kicked myself for having left several of my colleagues’ cards at home.  I was talking with a vendor who needed assistance in developing a blog on her favorite interest when I wished I had given her the card of my blogging mentor, The New Web Guy.  One of my own would have done the trick, too.  And as for tricks, Jerry’s Magic! is the place to go for magical fun for children of all ages.  To conjure up business: It’s in the cards!

Commuting Is For The Birds

In all my decades of commuting, conditions have never been worse.  Snarled traffic, slow moving vehicles and oversized trucks in left lanes, speedsters weaving in and out of lanes,  highways closed due to frequent accidents, bridges under construction… Traveling from one destination to another goes more quickly by taking back roads rather than highways.  More than streets are stressed to the breaking point beyond repair.  We are driven to despair.

The Eyes Have It

My eyes reflect much of my emotional outlook.  Of late, my right eye is cloudier than a stormy sky. Reading is difficult due to all the spots and tangled cobwebs interfering with the print on the white background of the page.  Today, after having seen an ophthamologist, I have an appointment with a retina specialist. No doubt I will be told that it is part of my aging and that there is nothing that can be done.  Another revolting development one has to learn to live with.