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April 22, 2014

For my first entry in my personal blog, I would like to dedicate my musings to the one person who has been with me through thick and thin throughout these many years of my life.  Without fail, he has guided me through my trials and tribulations.  I could not imagine existing without him.  And I could not have done any of this blogging without his assistance.  Since he is such a modest soul I will suffice it to say that his initials are JH.  Oh, who am I kidding?  His name is John Hughes, John Michael Thomas Hughes to be exact.   Oh, wait, that JH dedication is for my memoir.  This dedication is to honor the other JH, Jerry Hornak, magician extraordinaire.



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  1. Thank you, Mike, for that very dedicated dedication!

    I look forward to reading about your pithy observations about pith helmets, er, about life in general.

    And while you talk about General Life you can mention your thoughts about Major Events, too. Just keep in mind they aren’t Private.

    That’s okay as long as there is a Colonel of truth in your postings.

    In closing, I hope your Corporal tunnel syndrome has cleared up by now.

    I can hear your family now, “Save it for Jerry!”

  2. There is nothing better in life than a really, really good fiend…oops I mean friend. Family loves you because you’re family and perhaps you’re an awesome person too, but with a friend there is a connection that is somethimes just so good and unexplainable. My friends are my treasures. I also wanted to comment on your ‘words to live by’ especially this one: We must do away with the absolutely specious notion that everybody has to earn a living. Of course I had to look up the word specious:( We are often so bound to our routines that thinking differently (even about our work ethic) may make one appear to be a little crazy. But then again I think everyone should be a little crazy. Keep organizing….keep posting.

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