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Who Is A Writer?

Who is a writer?

One who writes.

What does it take to write?

Something to write with on something to write.

Blood.  Dye.  Ink.

Wood.  Sand.  Stone.

Leaves.  Papyrus.  Paper.

Stick.  Reed.  Pen pencil.

Printing press.  Typewriter.  Printer.

Mainframe.  Wordprocessor.  Personal computer.

Laptop.  Tablet.  Smartphone.

Images into words and words into images.


My story is to be continued…

Set For A Spell

Searching for the correct spelling of a word on the Internet is fine for the occasional lookup.  However, I often consult Spell Check: Based on The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Third Edition.  Updated in 2007, this “guide to the correct spellings of 40,000 commonly misspelled words” is published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.  No surprise (the spelling of which I check each time I use the word) to me, for $6.95 it is a bargain worthwhile for every writer.

Memoir Writing

I am attending a memoir writing workshop in the Gunn Memorial Library in Washington Depot, Connecticut.  The writer Amy Julia Becker conducts the weekly sessions.  She gracefully shares much knowledge and wisdom with the over forty people in attendance.  Once I complete the four weeks of the program I will have much more to say.