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Amazon vs. Hachette

NPR’s report  today on the Amazon vs. Hachette saga depicted Amazon’s mandate to sell all ebooks at the same low price.  While I appreciate Amazon’s efforts to provide access to material at an affordable cost, I fail to understand the logic, other than crushing one’s competition, in this matter.  Most other categories of goods from automobiles to zucchini are not priced the same.  Even dollar stores do not charge a dollar for every item sold.  Unless I am persuaded otherwise, when it comes to Amazon vs. Hachette, I side with Hachette, other publishers, independent bookstores, and the thousands of authors who have objected to the dictated terms involved.

Dollar General Family Tree

All this talk of dollar stores battling to take each other over and change their genealogical compositions reminds me of other former competitors now joined at the hip.

To wit:

Costco + PriceClub

Exxon + Mobil

Jos. A. Bank + Men’s Wearhouse

Macy’s + Filene’s

Office Depot + OfficeMax

Sears + Kmart

TJMaxx + Marshalls

And on and on …

The commercial world shrinks like Alice down the rabbit hole.

The Importance of Doing Business

Printed business cards may be considered old fashioned by some, but, while attending the Wolcott Country Fair yesterday, I kicked myself for having left several of my colleagues’ cards at home.  I was talking with a vendor who needed assistance in developing a blog on her favorite interest when I wished I had given her the card of my blogging mentor, The New Web Guy.  One of my own would have done the trick, too.  And as for tricks, Jerry’s Magic! is the place to go for magical fun for children of all ages.  To conjure up business: It’s in the cards!