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Could someone please explain to me why I am not posting as much as I would like?

Note to Self

One who waits is a waiter.  One who writes is a writer. Time to get with the program!

Our Winter Of Discontent

Another snowstorm on top of others.  Six new inches at our house.  Even though we have not been hammered as had the Boston area this February, we still have to clear the driveway and walk ways whether three, six, twelve or more inches befall us.  For me, it will be an early scotch or two this afternoon to soothe my aching muscles.  Spring may be on the horizon but so too is another major snowfall predicted for next weekend.  Enough is enough already.

Blog! Blog! Blog!

O Blog of Mine I have Not Forsaken Thee!  Forgive me for slipping out of my writing loop.  With so much happening and on my mind, I will return with many more postings.

Day of Reckoning


Ah, savoring my second cup of hot, steaming coffee – not!

Since my last entry, I have been confounded by more layoffs, buyouts, demotions, pay cuts, family breakdowns, facial pain, boxer’s ear, and dense asteroid hyalosis.

Today, before eight in the morning, I ate a breakfast of black coffee, orange juice, and an English muffin with jelly. I cannot eat or drink anything else until my scheduled three-in-the-afternoon vitrectomy to remove my dense asteroids.

For a long time I have peered out my right eye through a web of thin shadowy screen-like threads. The feeling is akin to having water droplets on glasses.

I had assumed that this was another revolting development I would need to adjust to for the rest of my life. I had, that is, until I went to an optometrist, ophthalmologist, and a retina specialist after experiencing an intensity of spots over the summer.

For the facial pain, I have recently begun to take another medication added to the others that I take for prior revolting mental and physical developments.

The boxer’s ear brought me to an ear, nose, and throat doctor who surgically removed the fluid gorged in my right ear a couple of weeks ago.

And this afternoon, I get to experience more of the wonders of modern medicine. Unfortunately, a vitrectomy assures the growth of a cataract, so I will be privileged to return for more operations in the coming year.

Fortunately, a beam of sunshine pierced these storm clouds.

My third grandchild, Charlotte Rose, was born a week ago. Elizabeth, the first, and Matteo, the second, and now Charlotte are the joys of my life.  Without them, my wife, children, family, soul-mate comrade, and professional and social colleagues, I would be reckoned a wreck.

Auto Peeves

Cars that crawl in left lanes on highways.

Cars that race by either side of one’s vehicle to jockey for position on clogged roadways.

Cars with motors running and radios blasting while others try to relax in state parks.

Cars with state handicapped tags that whiz by going far faster than posted speed limits.

These are few of my favorite peeves … autowise.


Commuting Is For The Birds

In all my decades of commuting, conditions have never been worse.  Snarled traffic, slow moving vehicles and oversized trucks in left lanes, speedsters weaving in and out of lanes,  highways closed due to frequent accidents, bridges under construction… Traveling from one destination to another goes more quickly by taking back roads rather than highways.  More than streets are stressed to the breaking point beyond repair.  We are driven to despair.

The Eyes Have It

My eyes reflect much of my emotional outlook.  Of late, my right eye is cloudier than a stormy sky. Reading is difficult due to all the spots and tangled cobwebs interfering with the print on the white background of the page.  Today, after having seen an ophthamologist, I have an appointment with a retina specialist. No doubt I will be told that it is part of my aging and that there is nothing that can be done.  Another revolting development one has to learn to live with.

Why It Is Good For Me To Get Up Early


Let us face it.  I am a morning person.  Today, I got out of bed at six a.m.  After breakfast, blogging, emailing, and Internet surfing, I somehow got it into my head to rearrange my clothes.  Perhaps it is due to the librarian in me.

I decided to devote one whole dresser to casual wear of the t-shirt variety into the following themes:

Drawer 1: Grandfather

Drawer 2: Miscellaneous

Drawer 3: Books and Librarian

Drawer 4: Quinnipiac University

Drawer 5: Destinations (Sandy Hook/Newtown; Connecticut and other New England states; other states; Canada; World; and All Things Celtic)

Drawer 6: Entertainment (Cartoons, Television, Movies; Space; and Plain)

I then turned to the drawers under my side of the bed and organized them into underwear, plain vanilla t-shirts, and miscellaneous items.

My large second drawer now stores white casual and assorted colored dress socks, shorts and genes.

In the grandbabies room closet, I have sweaters, pajamas, dress pants and long sleeve shirts.

My downstairs office closet has short sleeve shirts as well as jackets and suits.  Also, an assortment of travel guides on shelves that should have clothes.

This is it for now.  At least until the members of my family counter with their opinions or until a trip is made to Goodwill.

Waking Up Is Hard To Do

When I get up in the morning, I follow the same routine each morning.  After eating a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios and downing my pills with a glass of orange juice, I savor a cup of coffee while stretching out on the living room couch.  I read the new day’s entry in a Daily Dose of Knowledge: History and eventually wake up to the world.