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Summer 2016

Getting unstuck from writing is challenging. Time to read the book called On Being Stuck.

Martin Eden by Jack London

Headed to bookstore to buy a copy of Martin Eden by Jack London to read this summer.  I enjoy reading novels involving writers and the writing process.  I recently read The Other Story by Tatiana De Rosnay.

Note to Self

One who waits is a waiter.  One who writes is a writer. Time to get with the program!

Warming Up For A Summer Of Action

I am participating in a writing workshop on Thursday nights at Newtown’s public library.  The instructor, Aimee Pokwatka, has guided others in the pursuit of various types of writing.  I am hoping by taking this workshop that I will give myself a sufficient knock in the noggin to do more with words.  No more excuses!  I have met the enemy and the enemy is me.

Here is an example of one simple exercise she gave us to think about plot and the flow of a story.

Fill in the blanks:

Once upon a time there was [blank].

Every day, [blank].

Because of that, [blank].

Because of that, [blank].

Until finally [blank].

Now would be a great time to do this as we did during our session.  However, instead, I will settle on the couch, a cup of tea in hand, and continue reading A Writer’s Guide to Persistence.

Where Art Thou, O Muse Of Mine

Where in the world are all my blog posts? I must be more diligent in transferring them from my thoughts to my blog.

Otherwise, what is the point?


Merriam-Webster defines inertia as 1) a lack of movement or activity especially when movement or activity is wanted or needed and 2) a feeling of not having the energy or desire that is needed to move, change, etc.

The state of inertia envelops me when it comes to writing entries in my blog.

Rationalizations rain like April showers.  Endless winter, unorganized household objects, laptop calamities, chores, work, money, writing blocks …  All excuses without merit.

In today’s The News-Times (Danbury), Bob Weinstein summarizes life and business coach Darline Hunter’s five tips to change our thinking:

1.  Be a planner.

2.  Be goal-oriented.

3.  Strive for results.

4.  Have a winning attitude.

5.  Be focused.

Wise words to combat inertia and bloom May flowers.

Blog! Blog! Blog!

O Blog of Mine I have Not Forsaken Thee!  Forgive me for slipping out of my writing loop.  With so much happening and on my mind, I will return with many more postings.

12/14 No Words But Silence

Dear Committee Members, A Novel By Julie Schumacher

However enjoyable or “Payneful” it is for Julie Schumacher to be in Professor Fitger’s head, she would be well-advised to return to her fictional Professor of Creative Writing and English Literature’s academic world.  The cast of characters seen through Professor Fitger’s letters of recommendation resemble composites of many encountered by me in my forty years of librarianship in institutions of, and I use this term loosely, higher learning.  Julie Schumacher’s novel scores an A+ in my class.

Schumacher, Julie.  Dear Committee Members.  Doubleday, a division of Random House, 2014.